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Blackstock helps property firms communicate clearly. We help them better understand the property market and clarify their strategic thinking.

We’re a public relations agency focused on the property industry. Our expert property PR helps firms navigate the market. In other words, it allows them to grow whilst protecting brands and communicating clearly.

We’re independent and proud. We translate policy and create hard-hitting property PR campaigns. We specialise in crisis management and excel at market analysis. Above all, our clients like our direct approach, our passion and our attention to detail.

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We create regular market analysis on politics, economics, the property sector, retail and technology. Watch our TV interviews or subscribe to our podcasts.

We tailor our PR services to meet property companies’ needs.

Our services cover all the areas listed below. In addition, we also provide a lot of discrete work that we’re happy to discuss in confidence.

Property PR & Corporate Communications

We help firms understand their audience and define their message. After that we tell stories and build brands, working with both old and new channels.

  • Property PR & Media Relations
  • Personal PR for CEOs
  • Public Affairs & Policy Advice
  • Digital Strategy & Social Media
  • Media Training

Research & Content Marketing

Our team produces industry-leading research. And we use it to analyse the property market, write compelling reports and create dynamic content. For example:

  • White Papers
  • Influence Campaigns
  • Data-Focused Research
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content Marketing

Advice & Consulting

Board-level consulting, supporting leaders on crucial business issues, such as:

  • Crisis Planning
  • Issue Management
  • Business Development
  • Finance Raising
  • Discrete Advice

Creating, implementing and driving a holistic business strategy for a renowned architecture practice

Blackstock have taken a hands-on approach to working with us, both in terms of public relations and wider business development. By embedding themselves in the day-to-day fabric of the practice and getting their teeth into the specialist aspects, they have provided a service that goes above and beyond any other agency we have worked with in the past.

Russell Pedley, director and co-founder of Assael Architecture
ilke Homes - Modular Housing

Moving the dial on modular housing

Blackstock Consulting were engaged by ilke Homes to help shift the conversation around modular housing and establish them as pioneers of the offsite sector. We secured major national coverage for ilke Homes and have positioned CEO Dave Sheridan as a leading voice on offsite manufacturing.

Beating the drum for construction modernisation

Learn more about our Market Insight & Policy Advisory service

Watch Mark Farmer on Sky News

Blackstock has worked tirelessly with us since the launch of Cast back in 2016. They have provided a 360 degree strategic communications consultancy that touches all sides of our business – from PR, social media, business development and events support. The team’s commitment, passion and proactivity have all contributed to the strength of our media profile, including national press, radio and TV coverage. Blackstock has helped Cast provide intelligent commentary and analysis to the market that we hope has encouraged debate and helped to start move things forward in our industry.

Mark Farmer, CEO

Creating a new sector: civic crowdfunding

Five years ago we helped create and launch the world’s first civic crowdfunding business, building credibility with No 10 and the London Mayor, winning awards and securing tier one press coverage.

Using data to drive business rates debate

Blackstock’s in-house research team have generated significant national press coverage in recent years around business rates and the growing chaos the regime is in.

Covid-19 Daily Briefing

Daily briefings on the most relevant news affecting our industry from the past 24 hours.

Junk food advertising ban another hammer blow to hospitality

If you wanted to lose weight, would you make cutting out the calorific equivalent of half a smartie a day your top priority? Or would you download the couch-to-5k app?

Danton’s Death - or why you shouldn’t bet your life’s savings (just yet) on the Pfizer vaccine

Many moons ago when I was with my then very arty girlfriend, I got dragged along to a small theatre to watch a production of Danton’s Death, a play set during the Terror of the French Revolution.

The protagonist, Georges Danton (a historical figure), fights to end what he created – the office of the Revolutionary Tribunal which can sentence to death anyone for anything, whether real or imagined.

Predictably, for his efforts, Danton ends up having his head nicked off by the guillotine.

The stock market’s booming reaction to Pfizer’s vaccine rather reminds me of the tribunals Danton created and then sought to end.

Fuelled by the real or imaginary, stock markets create tangible windfalls or losses as real as the guillotine’s blade.

Now, obviously, it is on the face of it very good news coming out of the Pfizer camp, and one should expect to see stocks soar.  After all, a vaccine more than 90 percent efficient might spell an end to constant lockdown and return our lives to normal sooner than any of us have dared hope.

But if we should have learnt anything over the last few months, it is to adopt a wait and see approach.

Even assuming the vaccine is approved, the wide-scale rollout of it looks far from being practical – the thing apparently needs to be stored at -70 centigrade the day before it is used. That may make holding vaccinations in GP clinics, care homes and other locations difficult.

Despite this all being relatively easy to find and analyse (even for a man of my intellect), markets soared.

And what is most interesting is that what soared and what plummeted demonstrates that much of the activity in the market was underlined by an assumption that we are now smack-bang back on the road to normality

For example, business heavily impacted by the market, like airlines, made incredible gains.

On the other hand, stocks gobbled up during the pandemic tumbled.

HelloFresh, the meal delivery service, fell 15 percent in Frankfurt while London-listed Ocado, which delivers groceries and sells technology to do so to big supermarket chains such as Kroger of the US, fell 12 percent.

And the curse of modern-day working life, Zoom, the video conferencing service, fell 15 percent. It was only a few months ago when Zoom was valued more than the UK’s top 25 listed property companies combined.

What’s changed off the back of one announcement? Have we seen any tangible change to life yet or any tangible timeline for that? Last time I checked, the pubs were still shut.

Even Boris Johnson – a man who must be longing to call an end to this pandemic – was still sounding a cautionary note at the press conference yesterday.

Stocks may have surged yesterday, but they could equally plummet off a cliff tomorrow if there is negative news about the vaccine.

I would argue that if you are looking for strong investments right now, and with interest rates so low you need to put that money to work, choose income-producing assets.

On the whole, they are underpinned by long-term demographic trends and will be less susceptible to cyclical downturns.

Real estate has a whole heap it can promote, from Later Living to Build to Rent to PBSA. Markets might be jumping today, but I’m still confident that Covid-19’s legacy for institutional investors will be a flight to quality – and alternative real estate should make that case very clearly now. The full dynamics behind this deserve another blog.

Back to yesterday’s boom. Let’s be clear – the stock market is just behaving how it should. It reacts. It goes up. And it goes down. But it doesn’t need to answer why. Crowds never do.

Danton’s Death has, for me, the arching theme of the madness of crowds. The markets are the ultimate crowd. Perhaps a modern version would have as its protagonist a clever broker or fund manager urging his clients not to buy big back into airlines just yet. They probably still would.

Our PR agency is constantly growing. As a result, we’re looking for smart, ambitious people with great ideas, first rate marketing communications skills and the ability to work hard. So please get in touch and let’s talk.

Blackstock's work navigated seamlessly between offering corporate and creative advice, unlocking opportunities and relationships at the highest level. And the results they generated were outstanding – ranging from major pieces on Radio 4, in the FT and Mail through to a front-page campaign with The Sun.

Nick Varney, Merlin Entertainments Plc

Blackstock demonstrated a genuine technical understanding of our business and investor requirements, with a clear ability to translate this for a wider audience of investors and stakeholders. This helped us articulate our strategy effectively with very well received media collateral combining insight, research and market commentary. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Alex Greaves, M&G Real Estate

Blackstock has proven to be adept at both research and media, connecting Colliers with high class publications and broadcast opportunities such as the FT and BBC Radio 4 and working across all areas of our business. I can't rate them highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Richard Crook, Colliers-International

Blackstock deliver first class copy and events and have helped us squeeze more media coverage from our news stories. They’ve contributed a wealth of ideas to support NOMA’s profile and are genuinely passionate about the brand. Blackstock’s team works closely with our many consultants and has constantly been on hand to support us with energy, enthusiasm and a high level of integrity.

Nicky Moore, NOMA (The Co-Operative)