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Blackstock helps property firms communicate clearly. We help them better understand the property market and clarify their strategic thinking.

We’re a public relations agency focused on the property industry. Our expert property PR helps firms navigate the market. In other words, it allows them to grow whilst protecting brands and communicating clearly.

We’re independent and proud. We translate policy and create hard-hitting property PR campaigns. We specialise in crisis management and excel at market analysis. Above all, our clients like our direct approach, our passion and our attention to detail.

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We create regular market analysis on politics, economics, the property sector, retail and technology. Watch our TV interviews or subscribe to our podcasts.

We tailor our PR services to meet property companies’ needs.

Our services cover all the areas listed below. In addition, we also provide a lot of discrete work that we’re happy to discuss in confidence.

Property PR & Corporate Communications

We help firms understand their audience and define their message. After that we tell stories and build brands, working with both old and new channels.

  • Property PR & Media Relations
  • Personal PR for CEOs
  • Public Affairs & Policy Advice
  • Digital Strategy & Social Media
  • Media Training

Research & Content Marketing

Our team produces industry-leading research. And we use it to analyse the property market, write compelling reports and create dynamic content. For example:

  • White Papers
  • Influence Campaigns
  • Data-Focused Research
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content Marketing

Advice & Consulting

Board-level consulting, supporting leaders on crucial business issues, such as:

  • Crisis Planning
  • Issue Management
  • Business Development
  • Finance Raising
  • Discrete Advice

Promoting build to rent

We’ve played a crucial role in supporting Britain’s build to rent market, working alongside leading names and supporting every inch of their evolution from the drawing board to fully-let buildings.

Creating a new sector: civic crowdfunding

Five years ago we helped create and launch the world’s first civic crowdfunding business, building credibility with No 10 and the London Mayor, winning awards and securing tier one press coverage.

Creating, implementing and driving a holistic business strategy for a renowned architecture practice

Blackstock have taken a hands-on approach to working with us, both in terms of public relations and wider business development. By embedding themselves in the day-to-day fabric of the practice and getting their teeth into the specialist aspects, they have provided a service that goes above and beyond any other agency we have worked with in the past.

Russell Pedley, director and co-founder of Assael Architecture

Getting the country to chat VAT

By repositioning tourism as an export, and focusing the conversation around the benefits a VAT cut would bring to deprived coastal communities, we helped win over the Sun, Britain’s best read newspaper, as a campaign partner, and secured consistent high quality coverage across broadcast, national newspapers, local press and trade media.

Our work included promoting research showing the economic uplift from a VAT reduction, highlighting growing political support across all levels for the campaign and devising publicity stunts to keep journalists and the public interested. Our campaign brought the issue to the top of the news agenda and brought together a broad coalition of political, business and media stakeholders who backed cutting VAT to help the tourism industry thrive.

Learn more about our Property PR & Corporate Communications service.

Watch Dermot King, managing director of Butlins, on Sky News

Blackstock's work navigated seamlessly between offering corporate and creative advice, unlocking opportunities and relationships at the highest level. The results they generated were outstanding – ranging from major pieces on Radio 4, in the FT and Mail through to a front-page campaign with The Sun.

Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainments Plc

Using data to drive business rates debate

Blackstock’s in-house research team have generated significant national press coverage in recent years around business rates and the growing chaos the regime is in.

Covid-19 Daily Briefing

Daily briefings on the most relevant news affecting our industry from the weekend.

Consumerism - Is Gen Z really ‘leading the way?’

If the headlines are to be believed, Generation Z (Gen Z) are progressive environmental activists who place sustainability above consumerism.

This can be seen in surveys: according to CNBC, more than half of Gen Z – or ‘Zoomers’ – were said to be looking for environmentally sustainable products. Meanwhile new Drapers research revealed more than three-quarters of Gen Z (and millennial) shoppers say that sustainability is important to them. 

Given these are the customers of the future, businesses are taking steps to show that their brands closely align with these green values.

Last year, young fashionista favourite ASOS announced a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint while iconic jeans brand Levi Strauss pledged a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Given Oxfam research found that the carbon footprint of new clothes bought each month in the UK was greater than flying around the world 900 times, carbon-cutting initiatives like these should be welcomed with open arms.

The fast fashion industry – which goes out of its way to target younger shoppers – is estimated to produce 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, a figure exceeding that of international flights and shipping combined. 

But are Zoomers quite as progressive as they make out? The same CNBC survey that showed more than half of Gen Z customers were said to be looking for environmentally sustainable products, only 38% were willing to pay more for them. 

There seems to be a disconnect between what consumers say they want, and what they are actually willing to buy.  This isn’t just limited to demand for sustainable products either.

Following the Boohoo factory scandal in July last year – where warehouses were revealed to have poor health and safety records and workers were being paid below minimum wage – the company’s share price deservedly fell by over a third in the two days following the news. 

Yet the backlash seemed short lived. Just a few months later, Boohoo reported a sales surge, with half-year revenue growth of almost 50% at the end of August. Clearly customers had no long-term hesitations about continuing to shop there. A Vogue Business report found that of 105 Gen Z participants surveyed, over half were said to buy ”most of their clothes” from Boohoo and other fast-fashion retailers. 

While there may be an argument that younger consumers are out-priced by expensive sustainable fashion brands, this is not a strong one as the resources and technology are out there to help Gen Z in making informed decisions over choosing to shop at ethical brands over unethical ones. 

The continued success of brands like Boohoo and Primark, which are known not to prioritise ethics or sustainability standards, shows that in reality many consumers are relatively apathetic when it comes to choosing to shop at more conscience-driven brands, and remain attracted to cheap and convenient fast fashion. 

Primark has long remained a brand shrouded in controversy, claims in 2013 revealed they had Bangladeshi factory workers paid less than £24 a month – this came to light around the time a Primark factory was in such bad condition it collapsed, taking the lives of 1000 people.

Consumers are quick to call out corporations for their ethical and climate change policies (or lack of), claiming that they are not doing enough to help. Yet major businesses from Unilever to BlackRock are at least beginning to take strong stances on sustainability and ethics.

While this is undoubtedly motivated in part by what they believe will be best received by their customers, meaningful change is made harder by ‘woke’ consumers who demand one thing and do another. Time for Gen Z to put its money where its mouth is. 

Junk food advertising ban another hammer blow to hospitality

If you wanted to lose weight, would you make cutting out the calorific equivalent of half a smartie a day your top priority? Or would you download the couch-to-5k app?

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Blackstock's work navigated seamlessly between offering corporate and creative advice, unlocking opportunities and relationships at the highest level. And the results they generated were outstanding – ranging from major pieces on Radio 4, in the FT and Mail through to a front-page campaign with The Sun.

Nick Varney, Merlin Entertainments Plc

Blackstock demonstrated a genuine technical understanding of our business and investor requirements, with a clear ability to translate this for a wider audience of investors and stakeholders. This helped us articulate our strategy effectively with very well received media collateral combining insight, research and market commentary. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Alex Greaves, M&G Real Estate

Blackstock has proven to be adept at both research and media, connecting Colliers with high class publications and broadcast opportunities such as the FT and BBC Radio 4 and working across all areas of our business. I can't rate them highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Richard Crook, Colliers-International

Blackstock deliver first class copy and events and have helped us squeeze more media coverage from our news stories. They’ve contributed a wealth of ideas to support NOMA’s profile and are genuinely passionate about the brand. Blackstock’s team works closely with our many consultants and has constantly been on hand to support us with energy, enthusiasm and a high level of integrity.

Nicky Moore, NOMA (The Co-Operative)