We launched the Blackstock Consulting Daily Briefing in response to the emerging Covid-19 crisis to update existing clients on pandemic’s implications for the real estate, retail and hospitality sectors. 

The client-focused briefing later evolved into a free, daily update for the wider real estate sector, featuring expert economic advice and insights and supporting industry initiatives such as the ‘Do Some Good’ campaign to support the NHS.

Feedback for the daily briefing has been uniformly excellent, helping to increase circulation to over 5,000 subscribers and building connections to potential clients. It is well recognised within the real estate sector as a comprehensive digest of key news stories and a trusted source which showcases our cross-sectoral knowledge and expertise.

Key Stats

  • 8,000+ subscribers including senior journalists, global institutions and decision makers
  • More than 50 direct business leads for Blackstock and its clients 
  • Traffic to website up 154% as a result 
  • Social engagement across Blackstock’s digital platforms up 26%
  • Direct exposure to promote events, stories, podcasts and successes


Mike De-Ath, partner at HTA Design, said: 

“The Blackstock Consulting daily briefing is excellent, I always enjoy reading the latest version every morning. Congratulations to Andy and the team on their continued work and success.”


Senior investment management executive, said: 

“I feel so much more empowered having all this information distilled for me before the day starts, but what sets this apart is the intelligence that sits behind your analysis. I just don’t know where you find the time to do this.”


Unnamed chief executive, said: 

“I wish you wouldn’t include so many links with paywalls – it makes it really hard to read the full articles.”

Blackstock’s latest daily briefing can be found here.

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