In a campaign backed by Bourne Leisure and Merlin Entertainments, Blackstock was engaged to lead a high impact media campaign that would support behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts to convince the government to cut VAT for the tourism industry.

By repositioning tourism as an export, and focusing the conversation around the benefits a VAT cut would bring to deprived coastal communities, we helped win over the Sun, Britain’s best read newspaper, as a campaign partner, and secured consistent high quality coverage across broadcast, national newspapers, local press and trade media.

Our work included promoting research showing the economic uplift from a VAT reduction, highlighting growing political support across all levels for the campaign and devising publicity stunts to keep journalists and the public interested. Our campaign brought the issue to the top of the news agenda and brought together a broad coalition of political, business and media stakeholders who backed cutting VAT to help the tourism industry thrive.

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Blackstock's work navigated seamlessly between offering corporate and creative advice, unlocking opportunities and relationships at the highest level. The results they generated were outstanding – ranging from major pieces on Radio 4, in the FT and Mail through to a front-page campaign with The Sun.

Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainments Plc

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