We were tasked with putting Musicmetric, a digital analytics business, on the map to help them bring in new business, raise investment and drive industry recognition.

Musicmetric DMI Cover

We created the first ever Digital Music Index, published in September 2012.

This was a report pulling together reams of data held by the business, topping it with market analysis and thought leadership on the market.

We worked exclusively with the BBC on creating a sharable app and with the FT on the exclusive print news story. As a result, the story was carried globally and in every single British newspaper.

Following this, many doors were opened for the business. They went on to raise nearly $6m in new investment and close various large deals with new clients. Their web traffic increased permanently by 25% and their media-profile skyrocketed.

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Blackstock supported us closely in every aspect of our strategy development, marketing and communications, generating unprecedented value and coverage. The team created a global profile for us not as a tech start-up but as a pioneer of big data analytics. We became the ‘go-to’ spokespeople for the digital music sector for the BBC, Wall Street Journal and Sky News. The teams investor relations support held our hands through finance raises and an eventual exit.

Gregory Mead, Founder

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