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Media Planning: Why Earned Media is Vital

Media Planning: Why Earned Media is Vital

If you've decided that you need to do more to promote your organisation and its products/services in the media, then you need to consider some thorough...
Crisis management firms

Crisis Management Firms: When Are They Needed?

Crisis management firms play a key role in protecting a brand’s reputation. All organisations – companies and public bodies – can experience a crisis. Unexpected...
public relations definition

Public Relations Definition: What is Public Relations?

You can interpret public relations in many different ways. For some, it can simply be your connection to the press. For others, it can represent...

Berlin housing vote a warning shot to HAs

News that Berliners may vote on effectively renationalising 200,000 rented apartments may have some institutional investors exploring build-to-rent in London looking nervously at the capital. With Labour mayor...

ASA bans Notting Hill Genesis ad

You have to feel a bit of sympathy for Notting Hill Genesis, whose shared ownership advert has been banned following a ruling announced today by...

Blackstock’s 18 for ‘18: A review

Last year, the Blackstock team put forward some predictions for how 2018 would play out. Let’s see if we were right:

Rent controls won’t solve the housing crisis

Claiming rent controls will help solve London's affordable housing crisis is about as honest as saying leaving the EU can give us £350m a week for the NHS, says Andrew Teacher, Blackstock Communications founder.

How Gillette failed to 'do a Nike'

The lesson companies should learn from Gillette is to avoid cynically jumping on bandwagons with fake, preachy and out-of-touch content, says Andrew Teacher. There’s that...

What comes first, employee or brand?

It is widely known that it can take years to build a brand and seconds to destroy it. In property, however, the personal brand is...