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We must not let proptech's potential be overshadowed by the failings of major players

Is proptech's growth being overshadowed by recent news of online and hybrid estate agents falling short of the mark?
Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: How To Build An Effective PR Strategy

You’ve got some real estate - commercial or residential - that you want to sell or lease, ideally as quickly and as profitably as possible,...
Corporate PR

Corporate PR: How To Build Your Corporate Brand In The Media

What’s the response when your company name is mentioned? Smile, frown, puzzlement, indifference? How you are viewed can have a major impact on your business...

VAT on Homes Built to Rent

Yes tax is boring, but it’s important too, and despite what you may think it's extremely important for the Build to Rent sector. While we...

Paying for the long term BTR model

One of the biggest advantages yet biggest barriers of Build to Rent (BTR) is that developers and operators take the long-term view. They don’t build...

Why pension funds are looking at UK BTR, or multifamily, housing

Until recently pension funds had been unable to enter the Build to Rent (BTR) market. By their nature they look for secure, long-term returns and...

Designing operations into BTR design is crucial

It’s a sad fact that beautiful buildings are not always the best performing, especially when we are looking at Build to Rent (BTR). While design...

Professionalising renting: a source of rare cross party support

Build-to-rent has been one of those rare issues in real estate where there is a cross-party consensus of support. On the one hand BTR it...

The local authority potential for Build to Rent

We should not be ashamed of the fact Britain is reliant on private finance to deliver new infrastructure. And there’s no reason why we should...