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Q&A: Anna, Account Manager

Blackstock Consulting rubs shoulders with giants in New York awards

Blackstock Consulting's Radical Regeneration Manifesto has been selected as runner-up in ANA Business Marketing’s Global Ace Awards in the Best Campaign Under $250,000 category. 

Clang, clang, clang: The sound of the commercial eviction ban kicking the can down the road

The government has extended a ban on evicting businesses from their premises for nine months after a backlash against the continuation of Covid restrictions.

The Government’s First Homes scheme will undermine affordable rented housing provision

Last night the government published updated planning guidance for local authorities for its First Homes scheme - discounted homes earmarked for local first-time buyers. The guidance would see private developers ring-fence 25% of their affordable housing contribution towards providing First Homes in a move that would impact the provision of traditional affordable housing, which is rented out at below market rates to low-income households.

Life Sciences Innovation: Building the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Life Sciences Innovation: Building the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings together international experts from across the life sciences industry to join the dots between investors, academics and the real estate sector, investigate the trends shaping the industry, and inform the market about what demand for labs looks like.

Consumerism - Is Gen Z really ‘leading the way?’

If the headlines are to be believed, Generation Z (Gen Z) are progressive environmental activists who place sustainability above consumerism.

Junk food advertising ban another hammer blow to hospitality

If you wanted to lose weight, would you make cutting out the calorific equivalent of half a smartie a day your top priority? Or would you download the couch-to-5k app?

Danton’s Death - or why you shouldn’t bet your life’s savings (just yet) on the Pfizer vaccine

Many moons ago when I was with my then very arty girlfriend, I got dragged along to a small theatre to watch a production of Danton’s Death, a play set during the Terror of the French Revolution.