Covid-19 Daily Briefing

Daily briefings on the most relevant news affecting our industry from the past 24 hours.

The Leasehold Debate: will we see commonhold?

A PropCast with Mary-Anne Bowring of Ringley Group and Sebastian O'Kelly of the Leasehold Partnership

Budget 2020: what’s the outlook for real estate?

Blackstock Consulting's clients' share their analysis of what the new budget means for the property industry.

Why PR should be central to your property marketing

If your business is merely about the buying and selling, or leasing, of properties, then a simple marketing plan is probably all you need. Or is it?

Tackling the Housing Crisis

How do you solve a problem like the UK's housing crisis? Blackstock Consulting sat down with a host of industry experts to discuss exactly that....

Planet Property’s need to be green

A man dressed as a broccoli arrested on the streets of London and people glueing themselves to tube trains before getting a good shoeing in...
Public realtions skills

10 Public Relations Skills You Need to be Effective at PR

You could define public relations as being all about perception. Or more accurately, what can be done to influence and improve that perception. So to...
Corporate PR

Corporate PR: How To Build Your Corporate Brand In The Media

What’s the response when your company name is mentioned? Smile, frown, puzzlement, indifference? How you are viewed can have a major impact on your business...
Media Planning: Why Earned Media is Vital

Media Planning: Why Earned Media is Vital

If you've decided that you need to do more to promote your organisation and its products/services in the media, then you need to consider some thorough...
Crisis management firms

Crisis Management Firms: When Are They Needed?

Crisis management firms play a key role in protecting a brand’s reputation. All organisations – companies and public bodies – can experience a crisis. Unexpected...
public relations definition

Public Relations Definition: What is Public Relations?

You can interpret public relations in many different ways. For some, it can simply be your connection to the press. For others, it can represent...

Key questions around the House of Fraser sale

As is so often the case, it was Sky’s Mark Kleinman who first revealed Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley was closing in House of Fraser after...