It’s time to take out Tourism VAT for good

A permanent VAT cut for the tourism sector would boost one of the UK's most vital exports.

The new housing consensus

British politics is perhaps the most divided it has ever been. But housing is one area where a quiet consensus has emerged.

How modular manufacturing can provide new jobs in the wake of retail’s demise

With retail jobs disappearing by the tens of thousands, perhaps modern manufacturing can pave the way for a new-look workforce.

Berlin housing vote a warning shot to HAs

News that Berliners may vote on effectively renationalising 200,000 rented apartments may have some institutional investors exploring build-to-rent in London looking nervously at the capital. With Labour mayor...

There’s room for the private sector in affordable housing

If anything should help dispel the notion that Theresa May is Margaret Thatcher 2.0, it should be her speech today at the National Housing Federation...

PropCast: Moda teams up with digital wellness pioneers Hero

Former WeWork UK and Virgin Active boss partners with Moda to pioneer UK’s healthiest rental communities Moda, a developer creating thousands of homes for rent,...

The next banking crisis

From Brexit to Trump, the great populist upset sweeping across the West has been well documented. And while politicians will undoubtedly continue to be the main victims of public discontent, it is the technocrats who actually run the global economy who will soon be next.

Right-to-buy for renters: an idea Robert Mugabe would be proud of

After being lambasted for his inactivity over anti-Semitism and the EU referendum, Jeremy Corbyn can take small comfort from Civitas last week endorsing his proposal...

London housing: Between a Trot and hard face

With some flats in central London costing more than a private island, its small wonder housing is considered the number one issue facing the capital....

If Cameron wanted to fix our housing crisis, he’d get councils building again

David Cameron’s party conference speech will be best remembered for his pledge to turn ‘Generation Rent’ into ‘Generation Buy’. By allowing house builders to offer...