Responding to the Social Housing Green Paper, published today, Andrew Teacher, managing director at Blackstock, said: 

“What we needed was an overhaul of funding and a radical rethink of how we support social housing in Britain at a time when homelessness has doubled and wage growth has made housing increasingly unaffordable.

“At best this is tinkering around the edges with league tables and complaints procedures, while at worst, proposals that potentially sell off more social housing could fundamentally undermine housing associations’ abilities to invest and finance their activities.

“Neither Conservatives nor Labour seem to have any meaningful grip on housing which is immensely worrying considering how the situation has worsened thanks to decades of systemic underinvestment and a short-term focus on political points scoring.

“The only workable solution now is for a bilateral political solution that lays party politics aside and comes up with a meaningful funding settlement to build new homes to the scale needed. These could be under-written with institutional funding, pegged to long-term income from rent, creating a the kind of large-scale public house building programme Britain so desperately needs.”

For more insight from Andrew on social housing and the role of Housing Associations, read his recent piece in Property Week!