Consumerism - Is Gen Z really ‘leading the way?’

If the headlines are to be believed, Generation Z (Gen Z) are progressive environmental activists who place sustainability above consumerism.

Junk food advertising ban another hammer blow to hospitality

If you wanted to lose weight, would you make cutting out the calorific equivalent of half a smartie a day your top priority? Or would you download the couch-to-5k app?

Businesses must get more vocal over lockdown

Winston Churchill once said: “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

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Greggs: Great PR gets the dough rolling

Following another strong profits report, there has been nothing half baked about Greggs' PR strategy
Corporate PR

Corporate PR: How To Build Your Corporate Brand In The Media

What’s the response when your company name is mentioned? Smile, frown, puzzlement, indifference? How you are viewed can have a major impact on your business...

ASA bans Notting Hill Genesis ad

You have to feel a bit of sympathy for Notting Hill Genesis, whose shared ownership advert has been banned following a ruling announced today by...

How Gillette failed to 'do a Nike'

The lesson companies should learn from Gillette is to avoid cynically jumping on bandwagons with fake, preachy and out-of-touch content, says Andrew Teacher. There’s that...