Radical Capital: Landmark Report

Bringing together 60 major players across the private and public sector.

Businesses must get more vocal over lockdown

Winston Churchill once said: “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

Budget 2020: what’s the outlook for real estate?

Blackstock Consulting's clients' share their analysis of what the new budget means for the property industry.

It’s time for the Conservatives to put on their hard hats in the North

Infrastructure investment is the key to unlocking Britain's regions, and driving growth beyond the South East.

Car-free cities can help tackle climate change

It's time the property industry embraced the benefits of car-free cities

Tackling the Housing Crisis

How do you solve a problem like the UK's housing crisis? Blackstock Consulting sat down with a host of industry experts to discuss exactly that....

What we can learn from Uber

In recent months, Uber has become a poster child – some would say scapegoat – for many things: zero hours contracts, below minimum wage pay,...

Putting Crossrail 2 on the map

While there are some downsides to living within walking distance of Arsenal, the flipside is being able to walk into work on a nice day...

Shedding Industrial's Old Image

Last week, I helped chair Property Week’s SHEDS conference in Birmingham. Like the reunion of an old rock band, the revitalised event was played out...

Heathrow: time to shut up and build the runway

Major changes have been made to the planning system by successive governments. Yet whether we’re discussing nuclear energy, fracking, airports or indeed, housing, planning reforms...

Take vested interests out of infrastructure debate

In one of the first broadcast hits I did during my time at BAA on the ever-popular passenger travel data, I pressed the apparently dull...

Heathrow & housing: UK’s planning disease of faux-democracy holding back progress

Brits love to snarl bitterly at China on account of pollution, human rights and the ease with which you can buy knock-off goods or rip-off...