CBRE's Will Castle speaks on mental health on the anniversary of his father's death.

“Because his photo was splashed all over the front page of the Evening Standard I was afraid of being recognised for being that guy whose dad had just killed himself,” Will Castle, associate director at CBRE, says bluntly. “Now I’ve managed to establish my own name and my own career having been his son for a long time.”

Will Castle is speaking out now, on the anniversary of his father’s death, to highlight and help break some of the taboos around mental health and suicide prevention – two areas supported by the charity Movember which has triggered a host of unsightly facial hair across the land.

You can find Will’s Movember page here where he is the second highest fundraiser in the country. You can find a link to the Mental Health charity Mind here – please donate if you can to these incredibly worthwhile causes. 

In the podcast, Will speaks from the heart about his father’s life as a prominent personality within property and as a leading polo player famous for his royal connections. “The Queen is not wearing any gloves in the photo I have of her with my dad,” Will recalls. “It’s apparently the only time she’s ever shaken the hand of a non-royal without gloves. Apparently she forgot them.”

It’s a moving, positive and occasionally funny interview that we would like everyone to listen to and share. The message that comes through is around the need to communicate and be more open.

“What I would say is talk to people who have been through trauma – don’t shy away from difficult conversations,” he advises. “It’s World Mental Health Day for me every day. But for others who haven’t gone through trauma, they need reminding that others need help.”


Will Castle

Associate Director


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