City Regeneration Series: Episode 2 with Sir Stuart Lipton of Lipton Rogers Developments and Jack Pringle of Perkins and Will

As the lockdown has begun to lift, many have been heralding the end of the office, but on our latest PropCast industry veterans Sir Stuart Lipton and Jack Pringle believe this to be significantly exaggerated.  

Both Lipton, founder of Stanhope and partner at Lipton Rogers Developments, and Pringle, Regional Director EMEA of Perkins and Will and former RIBA president, argue that collaboration and communication are key to the office’s draw.

“Cities are unique places. They work for fun, for business, for variety. They are national, international. And they are essentially about meeting places,” says Sir Lipton. 

Instead of the office dying out post-Covid-19, this trend towards variety and collaboration will be accelerated, as flexible working and technology become the focus for landlords.

“The usefulness of the office is going to be much more about face-to-face meetings and brainstorming activity, with the office as a sort of club where you can come and get to know people and have great ideas that will drive your business forward,” Pringle argues. 

“We’ve got to make the office building a place. So that when you walk in you don’t feel like it’s a mausoleum. It shouldn’t have stone on the walls and floor, it should have art and technology. It should be full of light and technology, and in the current post-virus environment it will have devices which are touchless,” Sir Lipton explains.


Sir Stuart Lipton


Lipton Rogers Developments

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Regional Director EMEA

Perkins & Will

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