with Yardi, Osborne Clarke & PfP Capital

The operationalisation of real estate means that harnessing the power of data to understand developments at a granular level has never been more crucial.

As more and more firms look at real-estate as an income flow, rather than a long-term capital asset, having strong operations has never been more important. Conrad Davies, partner at Osborne Clarke, described this as “the operationalisation of real estate.” Davies highlighted that as more tech becomes available within buildings, the ability to provide a high quality service can only improve. 

Alex Notay, build to rent fund director at PfP Capital, spoke about the role that data has to play in proving that build to rent is here to stay. “We have investors who are traditionally very data focused as regards commercial spaces, which we don’t have for resi in the UK,” she said. 

As more data becomes available, and more buildings that take advantage of it come online, the are opportunities to use data to expand the use of the building. Neil Gemassmer, vice president of International at Yardi, provided one example. You can use the process flow for how one markets the unit, has an application for the unit, the duration, but then also works with local city and council to manage that. Edinburgh is a great example, in that they’ve allowed owners and operators of student housing to be let out on a short-term basis during the summer time, because of all the festivals,”


Neal Gemassmer

Vice President of International


Conrad Davies


Osbourne Clarke

Alex Notay

Build-to-Rent Fund Director

PfP Capital