Modern Methods of Construction Series, Episode 1 with Rosie Toogood, CEO of Legal & General Modular Homes

Manufacturers of factory-built homes, such as Legal & General Modular Homes, possess the ability to address the UK’s historic shortfall in housing delivery while creating vital, high-quality employment opportunities for the UK economy.

Covid-19 has led UK housebuilders to down tools on sites that collectively would deliver 250,000 homes.

Modular construction, where homes are built along a production line in a factory, will be crucial to ramping up housing delivery, Rosie Toogood, CEO of Legal & General Modular Homes, told Property Week on a PropCast.

“We have the opportunity to grow an industry which is going to bring high-tech jobs in an economy that is going to need it,” Rosie said.

“At L&G, we see that the failure to invest in housing over time has created a drag on the UK economy. If people can’t own a home, or move around the country for different jobs, or be assured they’ll have a great home and community to live in no matter where they relocate to, then it creates a natural drag,” Rosie explains.

“We all have huge ambitions to grow and there’s lots we can share. The positive thing is that we’re starting to work together to create an industry that the UK can be proud of.”

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