Modern Methods of Construction Series: Episode 3 with Harry Swales, Executive Director at Homes England

Homes England has won plaudits for supporting developers through the COVID-19 crisis and for quickly moving to agile working.

Now, with a group of well-capitalised companies investing heavily in technology and design, it believes offsite manufacturing can not only support our economic recovery but help make Britain a global exporter of innovative construction.

Increasing the delivery of sustainable new homes built using modern methods of construction (MMC) will be “absolutely critical” to Homes England’s house building agenda in the post-COVID recovery phase, says Harry Swales, executive director of markets, partners and places at Homes England.

Swales said that the lockdown measures hadn’t prevented Homes England from functioning, with the public body “smoothly” transitioning to a work-from-home set up for over 1,000 employees. He commended the agency’s IT team for its swift response.

Mark Farmer, chief executive of real estate consultancy Cast and the government’s MMC Champion, said that the UK should be aiming to be “leading the world” in construction innovation.

However, Farmer argued that the focus must be on ensuring that the UK’s market is continuing to develop and that companies “must get it right here first.”

“We need to get a fully-functioning mature UK market before we think about maximising the [global] export opportunities,” Farmer continued.

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Harry Swales

Executive Director

Homes England

Mark Farmer

Chief Executive


Andrew Teacher

Managing Director

Blackstock Consulting