Modern Methods of Construction Series: Episode 4 with Joseph Daniels, CEO of Etopia

Forget proptech, Etopia wants to lead an “eci-tech” revolution to manufacture carbon-positive homes built around smart-home technology. Could Joseph Daniels become the Elon Musk of housing?

In the most technology-focused episode of our MMC podcasts, Daniels explained his company’s ‘eci-tech’ (energy, construction and information technology) vision – for Etopia to become to homes what Tesla is to cars. He told Property Week that household appliances and electronics in its zero-carbon homes will now be capable of communicating via a central hub.

“No house builder cares how you use your kettle. No house builder cares how you turn on and off your lights,” Daniels said. His factory-manufactured homes however will come with a voice controlled central hub called E-Smart that will monitor and control a home’s temperature, humidity, power, energy and ventilation, as well as controlling electrical goods or household items such as blinds, making Etopia the “Intel Core chip” of housing.

This, according to the entrepreneur, will allow the home “to live around the consumer” and drastically reduce the amount of energy each home consumes. The superior energy-efficiency of Etopia’s factory-built homes – driven by their material technology – means that each home has the ability to generate electricity back to the grid.

Homes like this will, as Daniels put it, “give consumers net-zero bills and not kill the planet.”

For more, read the full article on Property Week.


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