Modern Methods of Construction Series: Episode 6 with Jordan Rosenhaus, founder of TopHat

Jordan Rosenhaus, founder of TopHat, believes technology can not only design better homes, but help developers and local authorities get along better. Manufactured housing could become mainstream, he believes, by using cloud-based platforms to shape the design and manufacture of homes to fit flexibly with existing local architecture.

TopHat’s groundbreaking technology-enabled modular manufacturing process can build homes that are fully customisable by the buyer. And better-still, they can allow councils to have full confidence around quality, fire safety, sustainability and, above all, design.

“The public and private sectors should come together to solve the need for essential housing. This is also about job creation and better standards of living for everyone,” Rosenhaus says. “Britain’s building sector has the opportunity to embrace technology and to manufacture higher quality, better designed houses, that can be a global inspiration.”

If developers focus on their shared aims with local authorities, rather than fixating on snags in the process, then the entire process will run more smoothly, argues Rosenhaus. “We want to be in this with a local authority and we want them to love the homes as much as we do.”

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