Modern Methods of Construction Series: Episode 7 with Simon Gawthorpe, Managing Director at Urban Splash

Urban Splash has recognised that Britain can benefit hugely by opening its arms to global expertise. Since partnering with Sekisui House, a leading Japanese housebuilder boasting a major presence across Asia and the USA, they’ve adopted their partner’s vision of “tackling social challenges head-on with an eye to the global context”. And that’s precisely what they’re bringing to the table.

Simon Gawthorpe, Managing Director at Urban Splash, said when his company joined forced with Sekisui House, they realised that the best approach was to combine ideas and systems to create something bespoke for the UK market. He thinks Britain could create its own export economy for manufactured housing. In recent decades, many world-leading architects have emanated from Britain and design is something Urban Splash has always prioritised.

Looking at the future, Gawthorpe said that by mid-2021 he would like to see House by Urban Splash up and running on 10 or more sites across the UK.

“I would also like to see the full integration with Sekisui House. They’re bringing lots of ideas over and as time goes by we will start to see more of this come through our products and in the design of these communities,” explained Gawthorpe.

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Simon Gawthorpe

Managing Director

Urban Splash

Mark Farmer

Chief Executive


Andrew Teacher

Managing Director

Blackstock Consulting