with Moda Living & Naomi Cleaver

Creating a sense of wellbeing for residents is at the heart of new Build-to-Rent developments. Not only is this critical for the asset class’s success and longevity, but also meets the evolving needs of the modern renter.

Build-to-Rent has emerged in part as a response to modern consumer demands for experience and community. Developers and investors are increasingly aware that they need to provide amenities and spaces that deliver both, while also tapping into the latest lifestyle trends. 

At Moda Living’s flagship project Angel Gardens, residents have access to a series of communal spaces designed by Naomi Cleaver, rooftop sports court and 24-hour private gym, while the MyModa app will allow Moda customers to organise events with neighbours and other like-minded residents.

“Health and wellbeing are becoming very prevalent. People didn’t know or understand what it was a few years ago. Now people are talking about it, they’re realising that this needs to be front and centre in their lives,” says Johnny Caddick. Naomi Cleaver agrees,“What’s been incredibly exciting about our partnership with Moda is that I’ve been banging on for years that you have to design collaboratively with your client and designing a space is not just about the space it’s about human beings.”


Johnny Caddick

Managing Director

Moda Living and Caddick Developments

Naomi Cleaver

Broadcast presenter, author, and designer