Crisis management is arguably the hardest element of PR and without support and thorough preparation, your business’s reputation can be damaged by an unexpected crisis, irreparably undermining consumer and investor confidence. 

Our senior directors have extensive experience providing board-level crisis management advice, and we have first hand experience advising on major incidents covering an array of scenarios.

Our deep understanding of how news and businesses work enables us to respond to crises immediately, and helps us direct the responding messages to the places they need to go.

In addition to crisis planning, we can provide a rapid response service to provide immediate hands-on PR support, so that your own staff can concentrate on the practicalities of putting things right. Our in-house team are trained in crisis management, and we have fully briefed team members available 24/7 to handle situations whenever they arise.

We can help you develop bespoke strategies that will ready you for possible crisis situations, and keep you prepared to respond should the worst occur. This involves both identifying a wide range of the most likely scenarios for danger and damage to your business, and working out the best course of action should one of them happen.

We can also help you to plan and oversee crisis management exercises, so that you can check how robust and realistic your responses would be in a real life emergency.

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