With a strong track record in helping our clients to drive change, we know that public affairs involves both policy work and influencing work, as well as a high level of empathetic understanding of the viewpoints of key stakeholders. Our experience within the political landscape of the industry means that we are well placed to help you find the path of least resistance in the process of bringing about meaningful change.

Policy work - defining the changes you wish to see - requires an understanding of the way central and local government work, and influencing work - persuading those who matter why your changes are better than the status quo - requires a knowledge of which players can be useful (or detrimental) to making your desires a reality. 

Fundamentally, individuals and personalities within key organisations, whether local authorities, national governments or public sector agencies, are the ones ultimately driving decision making. Any effective public affairs strategy needs to map out your whole potential network, from MPs, councillors and council officers through to lobby groups and influential members of the public, which is where our bespoke approach and in depth understanding of our clients and their universe is a benefit.

As a wholly apolitical business, we offer independent advice on the broader political climate, and on the practicalities of changing political will on specific issues. We will use our deep industry knowledge to help you understand what might, and might not be achievable, and how to influence the necessary change. We will help you to identify the key stakeholders to target, and the approaches that may be more likely to succeed.

From helping secure government backing for build-to-rent and modern methods of construction to discreet support on individual planning applications, we have a wealth of experience in running highly successful public affairs at both a local and national level.

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